February 4, 2016 Leadership Insight

Celebrate the New Year with Hope!


We always start the new year with Great Hope, but as the days turn into months, the great hope somehow fizzles out.  It is only the month of February, and yet so many things in the media (on all platforms) have a sense of gloom.

It is my Hope for you that this year will be different.  I want you to stay focused.  Focus on only a handful of things because when we try to do too many things, we will lose that focus, and find ourselves being torn in every unnecessary direction thus not accomplishing anything significant that deems worthy of great celebration.  And for those of you who have been with me in my programs know how big I am on CELEBRATION!

How do we stay focused?

1]  Take Small Steps (Keep things bite-size)

Choose 3 areas in your life you want to focus on.  Could be:

  1. Self-enhancement
  2. Family
  3. Marriage
  4. Work – Career/Business
  5. Faith (Religion)
  6. Community

Within these 3 areas are specific aspects.  For instance, Family – build the family bonding by planning short excursions on long weekends.  Marriage – make fortnightly dates with your spouse to keep up the spice of love! Work – to be more proactive.  When you break it down to bite-size, it is easier to plan and you will feel the sense of accomplishment more!

2]  ACT – Action Changes Things!

You have to put your plans into action.  You can plan to be proactive, or have that date night and family trips, but if you don’t get down to thinking through, or actually making that reservation at the restaurant/hotel, then they remain just plans.  Again, bite-size.  Doesn’t have to be in that order either – choose what is easiest for you to do to give you that sense of accomplishment, and the other actions will follow through with your extra boost in confidence!

3]  Reflect

The actions you have taken …  Did they work?  Was the outcome as expected?  How was the experience?  Don’t stop exploring, enjoy the journey and process of learning by reflecting on the positive and negative concurrently.  Let the experiences bring out your best in life.

4]  Support

Get a support structure – a marathon is hard to run alone, but so much more fun and “do-able” when you have family, friends and colleagues cheering you on, or just plain sweating it out along with you!  A core group that encourages in truth sharpens you.

5]  Continuation

Life is a journey.  It will not stop unless you want it to stop.  Your life is to be lived to its fullest potential with abundance – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.  Live out your Destiny and ensure you work it out daily – be a blessing to all around you.

Finally, GONG XI FA CHAI to all my friends who celebrate the Chinese New Year, and for the rest, don’t let the word “Chinese” stop you from celebrating as well!!  Enjoy the long weekend and festivities!!  After all, we are fellow Malaysians!!


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