December 24, 2015 Leadership Insight

Top 10 Reflections to takeaway

Slide1Dear Friends

A lot happened in the last quarter of 2015, and I hope to share some learnings soon, hence my quietness in this space!  However, as I close for the year 2015, it is my norm to reflect on what has worked well for me this year, and of course, what could be improved for the future to come.

In the aspect of Leadership Development, I found an article that resonates very closely to what I believe in.  In my opinion, gone are the days of cold corporate leadership (although many still exist) but if you want to differentiate yourself clearly, and retain your talents, then I would encourage you to be inspired and ignited to embark on a progressive leadership journey.

If you have been exhibiting the same form of leadership with no growth in breadth nor depth, you need to re-evaluate yourself, evaluate the team you are leading, and the business organization you are managing.

This article stems from a recent gathering of 500 leaders for a week from different industries and nations at the Global Institute of Leadership Development.  This Leadership programme was facilitated by 60 Thought Leadersm Coaches, and Business Leaders.

The 10 key leadresip takeways are summarised below with somewhat personal input and it is my hope that it will trigger you to reflect in the areas relevant to you.

  1. Finding your purpose in life, and as a leader.  Purpose would be defined as the mindset and choice that we make which causes us to wake up for everyday.  Be a leader with clear intentions, be it in the long or short term period.
  2. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and take risks.  Courageous and decisive leadership helps to build a culture of excellence without the fear of penalty.  Build a culture of curiousity by asking questions.  Seemingly making a “wrong decision” could be better that not making a decision at all.
  3. Learn to ask for help – it can make your life easier.  A leader cannot be “on the go” all the time.  You need to learn how to press the “pause button.”  Hold yourself accountable by trusting someone around you.  We can learn from someone, no one knows it all.
  4. Bring out the best in your team.  Culture is heavily dependent on what the leader says, and does.  Your emotional intelliegence also plays a key role.  People do not care what you know until they know you care.
  5. Practising resillence will define your mission.  It’s human to assume the status quo because it is within one’s comfort zone.  However, you must break free if your past successes are holding you down.  Create something new in your business, and stay the course.
  6. Focus on things you can influnce.  Challenging circumstances will cause a leader to arise in new and different ways. Focus on your circle of influcen and expand from that core.  Read a firsthand account of another leader’s journey through crisis.
  7. Create the opportunity for success for others.  “Build a leadership pipeline, not a pipe dream.”  Develop your next line of leaders for long-term success.  A Leader creates leaders.
  8. Live your values for real.  Don’t use surveys as an assessment of your people.  Sit them down with you and ask the simple, yet often important questions in life so that the values of individuals and teams are aligned.  Knowing what is important your team on a personal basis can help to align their values to those of the organization’s.
  9. Articulate your vision.  Model sincere openess and vulnerability with your team.  Clairty and direction is needed for high performance.
  10. Identify opportunities to innovate and grow.  In this day and age, innovation is the basic foundation for remaining competitive.  Be courageous, and invest, but avoid “proven common traps.”

Finally, I would like to leave you with this thought – Keep it real, no one is perfect, and the people in your team/organization know that already.  Be genuine and sincere, surround yourself with a team that complements you, and lead courageously!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!


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